To people from different countries
Specializing in sports medicine and wellness
Our clinic treat those who have previously received ineffective treatments, who have chronic pain, and who have new injuries or illnesses.
・Chiropractic Manipulation/Mobilization
・Soft Tissue Mobilization\Myofascial Release
・AKT(Arthro-kinesiological technique)
・nutrition counselling
・Weight training
Hideaki Katsumata
・Official doctor at International powerlifting chanpionships Japan team (Chezic and Puerto Rico)
・Doctor speaks Broken english but most reliable Doctor in tokyo. Doctor is capable of corresponding throughly to each patient ‘s different symptoms and needs.
Clinic Hour
・10am – 8pm
Meguro-ku Takaban 3-3-14 Roof 3A Tokyo
(One minuites walk from east exit of gakugeidaigaku station of Toukyuu Touyoko Line)

We are using the reservation system to allow a smooth treatment and allows the patients not to wait as much as possible. We, therefore, prioritize those who with the appointments. Please contact us beforehand when there is a need for changing the appointment time.
・Initial visit:6900JPY Follow Up:5400JPY
Indications of treatment
・Cervical Disk Herniation
・Sprained Neck
・Cervicogenic headache
・Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
・Impingement Syndrome
・Frozen Shoulder
・Slight Stoop
・Back Pain
・Lumber disk Herniation
・Lateral Epicondylitis
・Medial Epicondylitis
・ Little League elbow Syndrome
・Osteoarthritis of the hip
・Osgood-Schlatter disease
・Iliotibial band syndrome
・Ankle sprain
・Plantar Fasciitis
・Morton’s Neuroma
・Temporomandibular joint disorder